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Friday, February 27, 2004



I can't wait to see it - I think I will be deeply moved and I haven't even got there yet!!!

Thanks for sharing and thanks for caring enough to post the scripture for all to see and share.

God Bless!

Kennedy's Daddy

WOW!!! I just saw the movie tonight with Kennedy's momma and WOW!! I almost cried liike 4 times and she started crying 15 mins. into it and didnt stop. Really gives you a new prospective on life. And dont ask if it was a date, I dont know, vbut i got a hug out of it, does that count??? Anyways, spec-freakin-tacular.



For God so loVed the world,
thAt he gave his
soN, that whosever
believeTh in
hIm, should
Not perish, but
have Everlasting life.

This quote is nice to send on Valentines Day.

I am always attracted to the title The Passion of Christ, because Jesus is my favorite subject. However, I am a Latterday Saint and was advised by a prophet to avoid R rated films, so I never saw the movie. However, I do know some friends who did see it and said that they also had uncomfortable feelings. Our Savior was murdered. This gruesome act is a fact, but this needed to come to pass to give us the greatest gift of eternal life. The movie focuses on his cruxifixion or as you slipped "crucifiction!", our world has become so desensitized that people actually look forward to seeing the Savior of the world killed. I know it is a fact that he was crucified, but at any time he could have not drunk of this cup. I don't think he wants us to feel guilty for his death, but to celebrate his resurrection and what that means to us. Hollywood is making money off this,any person in mankind who would participate in sensationalism like that is sick. It is sick, and to think this is our God it is being done to sacrificing him afresh. If people want to learn about Jesus. PRAY TO KNOW THE TRUTH. I personally testify to you that He lives, that the holy scriptures are true. Do you know that the True Church of Christ is upon the Earth, that there are 12 Apostles and a Prophet upon the earth now. Do you know that God still speaks to man now as he has since the beginning of the world. Seek and ye shall find. The Lord is calling you now, find some missionaries. Go to www.lds.org, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. I hope this message gets to the pure in heart. Many blessings. Love, Angela, In the Name of Jesus Christ.


I saw the movie in the theaters and it was profound and moving. It made me think--you know, we read about the sacrifice that Christ made for us in the Bible, but we don't often consider what it really meant. The movie shows that, quite graphically. It's a great film but one I will not watch again. I'm glad I saw it, don't get me wrong...but the brutality...I"m not sure I could handle watching it again.

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