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Thursday, February 19, 2004


Scott Miller

Wow, this is good stuff -- can't wait to hear what happened next! ;-)



50 and who is counting

Spoken from TWO romantics! One just admits it and the other doesn't. LOL

Always a Bridesmaid never a BRIDE

Ok... SO I think you need to post "the rest of the story". You have us all interested


Oh dear! I am assuming you are a bridesmaid then? Yes, there are other "parts", hence the "part I".. ;)

Always the Maid of Honor never a BRIDE

There... I made the correction! :)

The Bride

Who said she was in the wedding? lol! Cute story we want more!...!...!

Always a Maid of Honor never a BRIDE

HEY! Don't be mean now!

Kennedy's daddy

I need a tissue...........*sniff*


I can't wait to hear the rest of the story.
I think it was the Base Ball game.
or was it the looking at the Stars?
I take it that you didn't get a full
scholership from a major university.

Scott Miller

Okay, I've read this four times already -- who's the geek?! Do I have to wait until the next part to find out???


Hmm, one really has to wonder...

Always the Maid of Honor never a BRIDE

O.k. I think we have waited LONG enough... Update the story!!!!

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