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Monday, January 05, 2004


Scott Miller

But things worked out because Big Fish was a pretty good movie. ;-)

Plus, we still saw Last Samurai a few days later, and got to the theater with "plenty of time" left to get snacks!


You say that NOW, pouty boy! ;)

Proud Grandma

I think I like this story!

Shopping Buddy

At least you get to go to the show...I don't remember the last time I went...

Proud Grandma

Aw Chana Bunny - we need to take the Shopping Buddy to the movie :)

Joe Siegler

Tell Capt Vitamin that if he didn't eat so much health food that eating "real food" wouldn't be such a heart attack to his system!


Amen, Joe!


I say I like Taco Bell, and when our little buddy gets to be a senior he can get a senior drink free. Hey how about??????????????


Sounds like a plan!

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