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Friday, January 09, 2004


The Second Daughter

O.k. I am laughing so hard that my stomach hurts! OMG! He beat you at scrabble?? He is just too smart and at the same time added some entertainment to the game! Who knew the kid could be so silly! So... Did you laugh as hard as I did when I read the blog??

Joe Siegler

I have that version of Scrabble - it's great! So much better than the standard one.


Oh my! I think i just wet my britches~ That is funny! Call me sometime and me and my better half will have a tournament! hehe! Kudos Jace!

Scott Miller

Jace went first that game and impressed us all opening with Lair. Of course, I quickly trumped the little guy with an "F" word branching off that also formed "flair."

Another rather easy victory for me that night. But Jace did impress.


You know? You don't win EVERY time, there big guy!

Proud Grandma

Well, I guess you can say the apple doesn't fall from the tree??? Of course, he is going to be GREAT!!!

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