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Tuesday, January 06, 2004


Kennedy's Daddy

Ok, I dont remember requesting a photo album for him, but i do appreciate it very much. Bout time you had something cute on your website. HAHA!! Just Kidding. FYI, He comes home thursday sometime in the afternoon and I am setting up a schedule for a family day sometime next week for everyone to come out and see him at once, as to not stress out brenda and the kiddo.


You just didn't know I was going to put YOUR picture on there! ;) I know you didn't ask for an album but every picture I got you wanted me to post so I thought this would be an easier solution! Send more pics! And enjoy!

Kennedy's daddy

all i want to say is...... MY BOY IS HOME!!!!
call me sometime aunt chana


Woohooo!!! Congrats!
Let me know when our 'viewing' day is! I need to hold that baby!

The Second Daughter

Me too!!!! Can't wait for the viewing!!!! Glad to know he is home!!!

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