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Wednesday, January 07, 2004


Kennedy's daddy

Like as a kid and still like

10 transformers
9 Bon Jovi
8 Vans shoes
6 Computers
5 music
4 Pizza
3 Animals
2 80's comedy's (dont make em like they used to)
1 All things star wars


Well, pizza is just a GIVEN! :)

Joe Siegler

I like this idea, but I'd have to really think about it. :)


This is a REALLY long list because a lot of things make me smile:
my husband
my son
my daughter
my daughter in law
a massage
a warm summer day
the smell of rain
chocolate anything
painted toe nails
puppy breath
a good book, a good chair and a fire in the fireplace
my laptop
good memories
worshipping God
grilled food
driving around with the top of my convertible down
a good movie with a friend
tickets to a production
traveling to see family or go on vacation
food in the frig
a good joke
card games
electric blankets in the winter time
visiting my parents
the first flowers of Spring
low carb recipes
answered prayer
a weekend at the beach
my garden
making gifts
having a dragonfly land on me
the smell of evergreen trees
the sound of the surf
finding a good author and reading all their books
finding something I've been looking for
seeing someone I've missed
looking forward to heaven
preserving moments in time
making entries into my blog
my brother (who read this list and said, "I don't make you smile?" and that made me smile)
spending time with my mom
knowing that I have two dads who love me
winning a pool match
Finding Nemo
sweet cream ice cream with oreos and chocolate chips at Cold Stone Creamery (NO, it's NOT low carb!)
Toy Story and Toy Story 2
Shrek and Shrek2
really good poetry
learning new skills
afternoon naps
intimate moments with my husband
a good hair day
going to see a musical
watching the waves of the sea roll in and out
birdsong on an otherwise quiet day
a good stretch
beaded things
a job well done
getting a check in the mail
bear hugs
baby giggles
sweet iced tea
a really good low carb dessert
when the scale shows I've lost weight
having a friend over for dinner
sharing good news
hearing good news


Being Danny's Mom, I think maybe I might have found a picture a little worse that you might have wanted to post. I am still laughing over this one. Way to go!!!!!
Mom of Danny


Top 10 Candies

Milk Duds
Fruit-flavored tootsie rolls
Hershey's Kisses
Tootsie Pops

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