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Saturday, November 15, 2003


#1 sister

Wonderful site - YOU should be a teacher!!!

Let me know when you have baked the Neiman Marcus cookies - you are such a good baker!!! not enough time - I will settle for pralines :)

#1 sister

Yes, beautiful children - run a close race with 2 I know!

Ima Daddy-Soon

Nice website. Cant wait to see the kido's next week. Only 8 weeks left, and someone i know will be a gran momma, hehehe. I cause so much stress.

Ima Daddy-Soon (its chinese)


I feel your pain, but sure hope your feeling better.
Love your website and those two cute boys, but then,
I'm prejudiced.
Hows my third cute boy?

Love, Me'Mere'


>>> Hows my third cute boy?

I'm fine, Mom! Have you been winning at bingo?


Ok, Scotty-Boy! Are you and your Mom through conversing now? Go chat on your own blog! ;)

Pink Poppy

Oh My Goodness! Is your baby his father's son or what? Whoa...I have never laid eyes on him and I could have picked him out of a long line-up as being Scott's. And isn't that SOOOO annoying--YOU go through all of the pain and agony, and they come out looking just like HIM! I have the same situation, especially with my eldest. Too funny! And, yes, they are quite handsome fellas.

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